Mertol Demirelli, Pianist

EBBSO-Feb 2023


Solo Recital, Geneva
Société Frédéric Chopin Genève
Chopin Festival


Concert, Eskişehir
With Conductor Can Okan And Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Symphony Orchestra
Mozart Piano Concerto No:23
Trombone-Piano Duet and Piano Solo,
Valléé des Joux

Concert des Rencontres
Culturelles de la Valléé des Joux

"Le chant du trombone"
Nadia Giner Enguix, Trombone
Mertol Demirelli, Piano
Albrechtsberger, Weber, Bizet, Guilmant, Crespo, Schubert
Chamber Music, Geneva
Salle Frank Martin
~~ Trio Kapital ~~
Chamber Music, Sion
Fondation de Wolff
~~ Trio Kapital ~~
Arensky, Mendelssohn
Chamber Music, Annemasse
Conservatoire de Musique d’Annemasse
Pierre and the Wolf (two piano arr.)
Chamber Music, Nyon
Conservatoire de I’Quest Vaudois, Nyon
Jean Froidevaux’s composition
"Les degrés inspirants, for violin, cello, clarinet, piano"
Chamber Music, Geneva
Le Monde Á Part
~~ Trio Kapital ~~
Brahms, Arensky

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Demirelli 2003 by İ.Bilekli_while 7 yo
On November 11, 2007, at the age of 11, at the residence of the late Ihsan Dogramaci
Photos (2002-2004)(2005-06)


Recital Invitation for Demirelli from the Société Frédéric Chopin Genève...

Société Frédéric Chopin Genève
Fondation de Wolff
Trio Kapital - Geneva, 22.07.2022


Demirelli began his music studies when he was 4 years old, private piano lessons followed when he was 5.

Between 2003 and 2011, he was recognized as a child prodigy and gave over 100 concerts in Turkey and internationally.

Some of his important concerts (a few of them have link to their videos below);

At the age of 7 in 2003, he won the IBLA Grand Prize Italy and gave concerts at Newcastle (England), at New York including Carnegie Hall and Arkansas-Little Rock (USA) in 2004.

He performed W.A. Mozart’s Concerto for Piano No.11 with Işın Metin when he was 8, at 9 the Piano Concerto No.12 with Gürer Aykal.

When he was 10 in 2007, at the opening of 35th International Istanbul Music Festival, he played the J.S. Bach Concerto for Two Pianos, in Cm with Idil Biret at Hagia Eirene Museum.

At 11, he gave a recital in Geneva at Palais des Nations of UN, played Mozart Concerto No.23 in Istanbul, Kaunas and with Ender Sakpınar in Eskişehir.

At 12, he played Mozart Concerto For Two Pianos No.10 with Hüseyin Sermet,Rengim Gökmen,Presidential Symphony Orch. of Turkey at Istanbul and Beethoven Triple Concerto at Munich.

At 14, he played at the Belgium premiere of Mozart’s Violin and Piano Concerto, KV Anh.56 (315f) in March 2011 with Augustin Dumay at Brussels at Flagey.

At 15, in 2011, he played Liszt Piano Concerto No.1 with Cem Mansur and the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Turkey at Istanbul and Munich.
He has been granted a prize "Young artist of the year, in Germany" during the Munich concert.
He played Mendelssohn Double Concerto (MWV O4) with J-C Casadesus and The Sinfonia Varshovia at the opening concert of Queen Elisabeth Musical Voyage 2011 in Istanbul.

He played Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 in October 2013 with Rengim Gökmen and Cemal Reşit Rey Symphony Orchestra at the opening of the concert season in Istanbul.

In 2014, he was accepted to the Maria-Joāo Pires class who invited him to the Partitura Project to share the stage on regular occasions the following year. 
He gave a recital at Barcelona University and played at Beethoven Festival in Brussels.

In 2018, he played Liszt Piano Concerto No.1 with Ricardo Castro and NEOJIBA in Brazil concerts being within the scope of preparations for the European tour with Martha Argerich.

In 2019, he played Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5 with Roberto Gianola and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Symphony Orchestra.
He gave recitals in Brussels (Max van der Linden Festival and QEMC), Rome (The Waldensian Church in Piazza Cavour).

In 2020, he played Beethoven Piano Concerto No.4 with Edoardo Rosadini and Shaborùz Quartet in Brazil at Parque do Queimado.
He gave a recital in Paris at American Church, as the second prize winner in the Concert Pianist category of Concours International de piano d'île de France in 2019.
He played Mozart Piano Concerto No.20 with Nicolas Chalvin and HEMU Orchestra in a live broadcast concert in Lausanne.

In 2021, he played Beethoven Piano Concerto No.4 with strings quinted formed by HEMU Orchestra members.
He performed Brahms Horn Trio, Op.40 with Gabriel Potier (Horn) and Olha Semchyshyn (Violin) and also released it on CD.
Demirelli and Emile Abeille (violin) played Brahms, Turina and De Falla in the recital they performed as a duo in Geneva (Galerie La Primaire) in December 2021.

When we come to the present (2022-2023)

With the Trio Kapital they formed with the participation of Léonardo Capezzali (cello), they performed the Fauré, Granados and Turina Piano Trios at Martigny (Fondation Louis Moret)
in February and June 2022 and also in July 2022 at Geneva (Musique et Vie) and interpreted the works of Brahms and Arensky in November 2022 at Geneva (Le Monde Á Part).
In April 2022, with Pianist Giorgi Gigashvili interpreted Stravinsky the Spring Rite (Piano Party Event-HEM) in Geneva. 
He took part in the recording and concert performance of Swiss Composer Jean Froidevaux's "Les degrés inspirants" in December 2022 (Conservatoire de I'Quest Vaudois, Nyon)
with Sarah Velasco (violin), Lina Luzzi (cello), Haoran Wang (clarinet).

In January 2023, with the Trio Kapital, he played in two seperate concerts (Fondation de Wolff & Salle Frank Martin).
He played Albrechtsberger, Weber, Bizet, Guilmant, Crespo, Calvache with Nadia Giner Enguix (trombone) and also Schubert Wanderer Fantasie as solo in Le Lieu (Église Du Lieu).
In February 2023, he played Mozart Piano Concerto No.23 with Can Okan and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Symphony Orchestra.

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